A Company of Security Professionals

Safetor Oy Ltd is an international security service company renowned for reliable high-quality security services for individuals, businesses and communities. Since 2008 we have ensured the security of our clients, provided excellent customer service and conducted efficient and confidential crime prevention work.

We are particularly proud of our fast response times. We will arrive quickly when we are needed. This is made possible by our skilled and dedicated employees and state of the art equipment.

Our goal is to be the best customer service provider in the private security industry. We solve customers’ problems swiftly and take care of their needs, always maintaining excellent attitude.
We employ well-trained and highly motivated professionals and we are proud of our high-quality services. Our staff consist of professionals who share similar attitude and values regarding safety, security and confidentiality, want to improve and be better every day.


We are 100% Finnish-owned company operated by Finnish personnel, we are extremely proud of our roots. We aim to co-operate and train with other local organizations as much as possible.
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