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Training courses are one of the best ways to increase overall security in any organisation. Our experienced professionals can provide you with new tools to help yourself and people around you if police or security personnel are not around.
We provide training accredited by the Finnish Police Authority. Training options include use of physical force, use of pepper spray, firearms training on general level and for security guards and also security staff education.

Firearms training can be tailored to the customer’s needs. We have easy access to pistol and rifle ranges and our employees have vast knowledge and experience about firearms and marksmanship. Arranging basic, advanced or expert level training or a designated instructor for a training session are all easy tasks for Safetor.

Tactical driving course or smaller vehicle training exercises are easy to arrange using our facilities in Kauhava and the area also offers vast possibilities for FIBUA or close quarters combat training. We can provide instructors and facilities alike. Contact us for more information.
Some of the more advanced security training options we provide can be found under SIA training


Our security management and security consulting solutions allow our customers to control security matters in accordance with the law, and gain knowledge of situational awareness. Our services include safety and rescue planning, security leadership and risk assessment solutions.

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