Safetor control




When organizing events, decisive action and customer service provided by security staff can be matters of great importance to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. We continuously train our security staff to maintain a solid level of customer service and to react quickly when decisions are needed. Our staff aims to fulfill requests and wishes promptly, politely and efficiently.


Our product range contains solutions for most if not all needs. Surveillance and alarm systems can be remotely operated from our monitoring room. Camera surveillance prevents vandalism and crimes and provides an important asset if damage or harm occurs. Effective surveillance is based on continuous video recording and transferring so that the data is available at all times which enables swift response in any situation.


Our receptionists provide a pleasant atmosphere for a lobby or reception simultaneously monitoring security matters. Our personnel are willing to learn the routines, procedures and special needs of your organization to ensure the highest level of customer service possible.


We have the all the necessary equipment to conduct security checks for personnel, shipments or vehicles. Security checks are an easy way to prevent and minimize intentional or unintentional security risks.
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