Safetor guard

MALL Security

Mall security guard oversees and takes care of security and safety matters in and around a shopping mall or similar building and helps the mall staff when they are in need of assistance. Presence and preventive measures decrease disturbances and crimes at the site.


A static security guard is an ideal option for businesses suffering losses, damage or inconvenience caused by theft, vandalism or trespassing. Security guard patrolling the premises can significantly reduce problems mentioned above and improve overall security. On-site security guard service is supported by our security planning staff, operations center and alarm response units.


The Patrol Guard service includes monitoring of business premises, ensuring appropriate closing procedures and assessing of the surroundings. If the situation on-site is abnormal, the guard will take action to secure the premises and property. During business hours our primary customers and focus groups are retailers and different types of health care facilities.

24H alarm response

The 24H Alarm Response service is a cost-effective solution in situations where constant presence of a static on-site security guard or other security personnel are not the best options. Our 24H Alarm Response service has excellent capabilities to respond to burglar or HVAC alarms. Our standard equipment includes defibrillators and thermal cameras.