Safetor tech



We offer modern and wireless security solutions that not only detect unauthorized intrusion but also fire or other anomalies that may cause harm to the property and its inhabitants. The wireless technology in the alarm systems provides comprehensive protection for homes and businesses without the need for complex cabling. The alarm systems also enable real-time monitoring. Electronic locking and time attendance tracking can also be integrated into the system.

The system’s intelligent features and its user-friendly mobile application make security management effortless.


Safety wristbands and alarm buttons offer protection and security when you are at home or working. If an accident occurs or immediate assistance is required for any reason, the holder can easily alert guards. Security buttons offer the option to send an alert quickly and covertly when facing difficult situations at work or spare time.


Safety is paramount, and surveillance provides an effective way to ensure the security of your premises. The advantage of cameras lies in their reliability, continuity, and ability to record high-quality footage.

Surveillance prevents vandalism and crimes, as well as assists in investigating incidents. Our surveillance system consists of cameras suitable for various purposes, recorders, monitors, and possible image transmission to remote monitoring.

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