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Firearms - Tactical level

NOTE: Firearms - Basic Level or similar training is required prior to this course.

The aim of this 2 day course is to provide a more tactical approach to rifle and handgun handling and shooting. During the course you will learn fundamentals of advanced marksmanship, to use slings, optics and light to your advantage and understand the role of a rifle and handgun as your primary and secondary weapon.

Students will learn to effectively engage targets from various positions and distances. The drills advance throughout the course. The subjects include use of cover, multiple shots to multiple targets, fast reloading and switching from primary to secondary weapon. This is a great course for individuals who want to improve their firearm skills in order to ready themselves for work in hostile environment.

Participants will use Sako RK92, AK-47 type 7,62x39 rifles and Glock 17 9mm handgun.

Course instructors are licensed specialists and current or former army NCOs or officers.

PRICE: 370€ (vat. 24%)

The price includes: Weapons, Ammunition, Certificate

Language options: English, Finnish